As part of design fellowship program at Center for Urban Pedagogy(CUP), I had a great opportunity to
collaborate with the Housing Court Answers to create Keep Your Family’s Home, a guide that breaks
down the steps to get permission for a family member to move in and the process to keep the family home
if the head of household passes away or moves out. The booklet shows a series of scenarios, and
gives answers to questions tenants might have when interacting with the NYCHA Office, along with
the precise deadlines for both processes so tenants know how and when to move forward.

Keep Your Family’s Home launched in May 2017 at Housing Court Answers’ annual housing advocacy conference.
Housing Court Answers and their partners are distributing thousands of these guides throughout New York City.

Copy available here!

Center for Urban Pedagogy(CUP) Oscar Nuñez
Housing Court Answers
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